About us

Here, at the Precious, we have a deep understanding and respect for all writing instruments but especially for fountain pens.
It is a passion for us and we love all of them, from the most affordable models to the really expensive models that we can only dream about.

The Precious is all about the writing experience, without considering the price tag.
It is about the smile when you put the nib on paper and the satisfaction of the result after you cap your pen at the end of a writing session.
We also believe that the ink one uses should be their unique expression and not some mass produced color.

To this end, we propose great value EDC pens that don't break the bank, an as big as possible ink variety with options for DIY mixers and many spare parts and upgrades.

We are EU based, in Romania, a country with a long history in fountain pen advancements but not so widely known about.
One of the first pen patents was issued in 1827 to Petrache Poenaru for a "never-ending portable pen, which recharges itself with ink".
Mr. Poenaru, a Romanian, was studying at that moment in France where he got the patent issued to his name.
Of course it is a long shot from the modern fountain pen that we use today but the drive for a better writing experience remained through centuries.