Price, delivery & returns


Product prices do not include shipping costs but include VAT. If you are ordering from outside the EU then your prices will be updated to not include VAT free after you log in and update/select your shipping address.

Shipping cost is calculated automatically at checkout, based on the total weight of products in cart and also your delivery address.

If your delivery address is in a remote location, some carriers may not provide a to-door delivery service. Please check this with your local office for the carrier that you wish to use.

Please note that if your order is to be delivered outside of the European Union then the buyer is responsible for any customs taxes that may be required by the destination country. Please check these taxes before ordering.

If your shipping and delivery addresses are outside of EU then product prices will not include VAT.



Delivery times can vary quite a lot due to many reasons like weather conditions, strikes, etc. We will provide at check-out a rough estimate of your delivery time per carrier we use but please remember that these are based on usual delivery times that we observed using that particular carrier. In general the express shipping methods are transported by air and are delivered in 2-5 days depending on your location. For Europe we also offer a standard shipping method by road with delivery time of about 5-10 days.

Please check your package integrity on delivery and if you observe any problem, please note it together with the carrier personell before signing for the package. Afterwards, any complaints about package integrity should not be addressed to us but to the carrier and most probably the carrier will deny any responsibility if there is no mention of damage on their delivery slip.



You have the right to return any product in the span of 14 days after you have received it. Please use our return system that is available online, in your account. Access the order that contains the products that you wish to return, select products and open the return request. After you receive our confirmation, please package the products safely, print the form and add it to the package before shipping it to us.

Some products will be clearly marked in our online shop and can not be returned. These include on-demand personalization, single use items after they are opened, etc.

The buyer is responsible for the return costs and also for the product integrity until it arrives back to us. We are not responsible for any damages incurred on the return trip if the buyer has not packaged the product safely.

After receiving the return, if the product is in the same condition as it was when originally shipped by us, we will return the original product price. Please be advised that the original shipping price can not be returned since it is not a service offered by our company.

Should the product condition be different then when originally shipped, and if possible to be remedied, we will calculate a minimal cost to refurbish the products and present the cost of these operations to the customer to decide if proceeding with refurbishing or returning the product to the customer.

Returns of mint condition products do not incur any costs for restocking, the full product price will be returned to our customer.
We reserve the right to offer free refurbishing service to our customers, based on spare time and parts availability.
Shipping costs for rejected returns will be charged separately or rejected returns can be shipped together with future orders.