Terms & Conditions

I. Parties of the contract

The seller
the individual or company which opens an account or places an order through our store,
hereinafter referred to as the buyer.

II. Availability

The availability of the products is displayed correctly and in real time. However, there is the possibility that in the case of choosing a product in limited stock, until the completion of the order this may be ordered by another buyer. In this case, we will contact you without delay to solve the problem.

III. Description and photos of the products

By the description and the pictures of the products we try to reflect the reality as much as possible and these are correct at the time of display in the on line store.
The colors of the pictures may vary depending on the settings of the monitor or screen used. Please keep this in mind when selecting colors.
Product descriptions are provided by manufacturers and due to the large volume of information only partially verified by us. If you find any inadvertence or notice that the information is incorrect, please do not hesitate to contact us to assist us in checking and correcting any problems found.

IV. Price

The price of the products does not include the cost of transport to the buyer. Also, the price of the products can change when stocks are renewed, due to normal market fluctuations. This means that if you find yourself in the situation from II - Availability, where the site allows you to order of a product at the limit of the stock, we cannot guarantee the initial displayed selling price as the new price may be different.

V. Payment

We try to offer as many modern payment systems as possible. The purpose is to make them safe and easy to use for the buyer.
You can pay by credit card through our bank's secure payment gateway or by bank transfer to our IBAN account.

VI. Online store

Access to the online platform is free. We reserve the right to prevent the access of those who do not use it for the purpose for which it was created - placing orders online as well as of customers who have refused pickup of shipped orders until the costs of shipping for the rejected parcels have been paid.

VII. Shipping

Since the products are present in our stock, the shipment will be made most of the time until the latest at the end of the next business day.
We ship products quickly, within 5 business days. We use this longer term for busy periods such as before or after the holidays, when the volume of orders can increase considerably.

VIII. Delivery

For delivery we use the services offered by the courier companies. Delivery times are generally 1 business day from the time of shipment but may increase during holidays or if the weather conditions are unfavorable.
The cost of delivery is calculated automatically upon completion of the order, for each of the couriers available for the delivery address. If the delivery address is outside the courier coverage area, they may be charged an additional delivery fee. In this case we will contact you to confirm the new delivery cost or to choose to place the order from a local delivery center of the chosen courier.

IX. Returns

You have the legal right to return the product (s) within 14 days of receipt. For return please open a return request directly on our website. Choose the order that contains the product (s) to return, check the product to be returned and the quantity and then confirm the opening of the return request. After you receive our confirmation, pack the appropriate products then print and attach the return form before shipping.

Some products cannot be returned and will be clearly marked on our website. These include customized products upon request, disposable products if they have been unsealed, etc.

The buyer is responsible for the costs of return and for the safety of the products until they get back to us. We are not responsible for the integrity of the products during the return if they have not been properly packaged by the buyer.

After receiving the return, if the product is in the same state as at the time of shipment by us, we will return the price paid for the product. The price of the initial transport to the customer cannot be returned as it is not a service offered by our company.

If the condition of the products is different from that of the time of shipment by us and it may be remedied, we will calculate a minimum cost for these operations. cost that will be presented to the customer for accepting the refurbishment of the products or declining the refurbishment and sending it back to the customer.

The return of the products in good condition and unused does not entail any additional cost, the whole price of the product being returned to the customer. We reserve the right to offer a free refurbishment of the returned product, depending on the availability of spare parts and spare time.
The cost of transport back to the customer, for the products that could not be returned, is additionally charged or they can be shipped with a subsequent order.

X. Warranties

The products benefits from the conformity warranty for 2 years from the date of purchase. This means that the product is warranted against any hidden defect due to a manufacturing defect. This warranty does not cover defects due to improper use, outside specifications or not in conformity with the destination of the product.

Products that additionally benefit from a commercial warranty, if any, will have its duration specified on the presentation page specific to each product.

XI. Litigation

Disputes are settled amicably, directly between the parties. If this is not possible then the following remedies are available to the client:
- On-line dispute resolution platform - Website of the European Commission, choose your preferred language
- National Authority for Consumer Protection - english available on page
- The European Consumer Center
- and as a last resort, the courts of the Bucharest Municipality


We use your personal data strictly to fulfill the contract obligations following an online order. We will use the data to send you order information, to issue invoices and to ship your order.

During the normal course of the contract, your personal data is transmitted to:

  • payment processors (inside EU)
  • outsourced accounting service for invoicing purposes (inside EU, Romania)
  • courier/post service for shipping purposes (Romania/EU/World, depending on your address)

The duration of processing (storage) for personal data is:

  • online account data: 1 year from last access / order
  • data from issued invoices: 10 years starting from the following year in which they were issued (in accordance with the local legal regulations in effect)

Access to personal data is done by authenticating to your online account where it can be viewed and rectified directly. Also from your account you can access the dedicated GDPR menu to download all your data in a portable format. From the same menu you are able to instantly delete, restrict processing and oppose processing of your data. Please keep in mind that the data present on the issued invoices can not be deleted or anonymized before passing of the legal retention period.

The authority to which you can file a complaint regarding the processing of your personal data is: dataprotection.ro

Please note that we do NOT operate any automated decision-making process based on customer personal data.

XIII. Other

This contract is considered read, known, signed and assumed by both parties when the client opens an on line account and also when placing each new order.