#5 fountain pen nib 0.5mm type 2

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Compatible with #5 fountain pens like most Jinhao pens or with many other models that are fitted with #5 nibs.

Well polished, it will write smoothly with just a little feedback.
This nib will provide more feedback than the regular Jinhao #5 nibs.

#5 nibs are also easy to change so you can use this to cover more nib widths or simply as a spare part.

To change the nib follow these easy steps:

  • remember the position of the feed and nib, take a photo if in doubt
  • some nib sections are completely round and some have a flat cutout for the feed or a round cutout for the nib, please remember that position
  • grip gently both nib and feed and pull them out. They are friction fitted. If hard to remove, gently rock them left-right.
  • position the new nib over the feed in the same relative position as the original nib
  • if your nib section is not perfectly round then look for the special cutout (key) that is made either for a nib (rounded) or for the feed (straight)
  • position your nib and feed accordingly and push it gently back in

Please remember, when changing nibs, to not leave any fingerprints on the feed side of the nib. Oils from your fingerprints will prevent normal ink flow. Safe places to grip are top and shoulders of the nib and the bottom side of the feed.
If in doubt, after a nib change, clean the assembly with water and a dab of dish soap or wear gloves when fitting the nib. Gloves can also greatly help gripping the parts easily.


product type nib
material stainless steel
line width 0.5mm
width 7.2mm
length 26.3mm
size #5
color two-tone, gold with silver model

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